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What fields are included in the downloadable item file?
Last Updated: 12/22/2022

Item File Field Key

Item No : Ordering Code for this SKU.

Item Description : Description of the SKU.

Size: Size of the item in Ounces or COUNT.

Min Order Qty: The minimum amount that needs to be ordered.

Qty per UOM/Package Qty: The number of pieces you will receive with the purchase of 1 unit.

Unit of Measure: If the item is sold in (EA) Eaches or Multiple pieces (DL) Deal.

Item Price: Price for 1 Unit of the item.

Disc Minimum Qty: If a discount is available, this is minimum quantity that needs to be ordered to get the discount.

Discount %: If a discount is available, this is the percent off the item price if the Disc Minimum Qty is ordered.

Discount Price: If a discount is available, this is the discounted price if the Disc Minimum Qty is ordered .

Brand Name: The Brand Name of the SKU.

UPC Code: The Universal Product code for the item.

Item Weight: The weight of 1 Unit.

Case Pack: The number of pieces in a full case.

Sugg. Retail: Suggested Retail. We suggest a 50% Markup.

Hazmat: If the item is deemed HAZMAT by shippers such as USPS & UPS, Spray, Aerosols, etc.

Start Date: The first date this item was for sale on www.Bilobeauty.com.

Last Price Change: This the date of the items last price change, useful to sort by to find any recent changes.

Manufacturer: The items manufacturer.

*Amazon Brand Authorization Required: For online sellers a brand flag.

Expiration Type: This will tell you if the item has either an Expiration Date or Shelf Life. Average Shelf life is 3 years.

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